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TACTSON TUNER MASTER app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2860 ratings )
Utilities Music
Developer: DMI LABS LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Sep 2011
App size: 8.74 Mb


Tune Master is a digital tuner APP offered by DMI Labs LLC, a company which dedicates to create and manufacture innovative musical products for the musicians.

Tune Master turns your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a portable instrument tuner with most of the common instruments tuning modes, such as guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Bouzouki, Dulcimer, Bagpipe and 2 Chinese traditional instruments, Guzheng and Erhu, etc. There are some kinds of tuning modes for each instrument also, such as FLAT tuning, Drop D/Drop C tuning.

With TUNE MASTER, you dont have to remember all the tuning notes for your instruments, it will display tuning notes for the instruments you select, you don’t have to do the mazy settings, all the options is chosen in the same screen, because all we have done we hope is to make tuning an easy thing for you.

TUNE MASTER requires an internal microphone (iPhone/iPad/iPod4, 1st generation iPod touch does not support Apple headset with microphone) or an external microphone such as Apple headset with Microphone, Peterson Mini Capsule Microphone.

For better detection, you’d better choose an INPUT pickup to tune your instrument, such as iCable offered by Peterson, iRig by IK Multimedia.

Chromatic tuning modes and transposed tuning modes
16 popular kinds of calibration settings
26 instruments tuning modes
Pitch names of each mode is displayed for reference
Wide detection range from G1 to G7

Supports 26 Instruments
6-String Guitar
7-string Guitar
8-string Guitar
12-string Guitar
4-String Bass
5-string Bass
6-string Bass
7-string Bass
Piccolo Bass
4-String Ukulele
6-String Ukulele
8-String Ukulele
Double Bass
6-String Bouzouki
8-String Bouzouki

Pros and cons of TACTSON TUNER MASTER app for iPhone and iPad


I have been looking for a way to tune my 12 string guitar - finally found this little gem which unlike other apps is a real tuner AND does 12 string guitars as well. Excellent! Just one thing: please make it a real iPad app (not just one which also runs on the iPad at 1x or 2x resolution) - looks do count ;-)
This is the best free one out there. Its nice to have the octave as well as the note. I knew something was wrong with my wifes violin but other tuners just told me the 3rd string was playing A. This one told me I was playing A3. So we tuned to A4 and now it sounds nice. I also like that it shows half notes too. Its also nice to be able to select the tuning style as well as how each string is tuned to; concert =440hz vs baroque =415hz. No other tuner does that.
I dont usually write a review but this app is so wonderful that I cant resist. Saved me tons of $$$$ and it works like a charm. Thanks!
Ive tried a couple free tuners and they all left my uke less tuned then when I started. This one is definitely worth the 99 cents! Now my instrument sounds beautiful, with minimal work on my part.
It is so simple for beginners and has more for those advanced folks. Choose your instrument and go. I searched and tried so many tuning apps , I use it mostly for my uke, and this free one was the best I personally found. Like it so much this is my first review Ive ever written for an app! These folks built a great app. I tested it against several handheld tuning devices I have and it was bang on. One less thing to carry around. I love the app life! Jarmi.
Works great! Its totally worth the money! I only used the guitar tuner so far but it works great!

Some bad moments

I bought this because it would transpose to four standard keys. This does not function on my iPhone and does not function on my iPad.
Completely screwed up my Banjo and sent it completely out of tune
Ive tried many diff tuning apps & this blows em all away! So glad I got it! Well worth whatever I paid for it. (99 cents I think) Perfect for anything youre tuning. Including my ukulele!!
For a paid app, its really crappy. It doesnt Pick up the notes. Youre better off Tuning by ear.
I purchased this app for its ability to tune my Guzheng. I just tried it. It is pretty good. However, it can only tune Guzheng in D major, for there are A, Bb, C, F, and G which was not covered in the app. If they can re-incorporate the rest of them I listed above, then it would be perfect!
Tried a lot of tuner apps and this is the only one that works, and very well at that.

Usually TACTSON TUNER MASTER iOS app used & searched for

chromatic guitar tuner: ukulele, bass, violin, dmi labs llc, and other. So, download free TACTSON TUNER MASTER .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.